Frequently Asked Questions

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+ I'm not a youthful model, can you do makeup & hair for me, too?

Absolutely, I have worked on every age range, from teenagers to great grandmothers. If you have skin, I can do your makeup!

+ What if I have a large bridal party, can you accommodate all of us? Do you have assistants?

Yes, I work with multiple second artists and assistants, so I can handle even the largest bridal parties. After you've reserved your date we will go over logistics and timeline for your event.

+ How do I book an appointment?

Fill out my contact form or call / text me to check availability and tell me about what you're looking for. To reserve the date, a non-refundable, non-transferrable deposit is required, along with a digitally signed contract.

+ Can you tell me about your education and experience?

I've been a full-time hair and makeup artist since 2008, receiving my education at Baldwin Beauty School in Austin, TX. I'm a fully licensed cosmetologist, with experience in hair and makeup for photography, stage, print, film and editorial.

+ I'd like to have hair and makeup done on-location (e.g. hotel, venue, home), is that possible?

While the majority of appointments are in my studio downtown, I do offer services on-location for a nominal fee which may be waived with a minimum number of services. Travel is also available outside of San Antonio or even outside of Texas. All travel fees will be custom quoted.

+ I've heard dirty hair is best for up-do's, is that true?

While some hair stylists prefer dirty hair, I personally encourage all clients to arrive at their appointed time with clean and dry hair, free of product.

+ Do I need to bring anything for my appointment?

Please arrive with a good idea of what you'd like - inspiration photos with similar to your skin tone, eye color, hair color and texture are very helpful, as "natural" and "glam" mean different things to different people. Feel free to bring any hair accessories (veil, etc.). You do NOT need to bring bobby pins, foundation, or lashes. I have everything necessary for a complete look. If you prefer a specific product or tool, you're welcome to bring that along.

+ How should I prepare my face and hair before the appointment?

After you've booked I will provide custom instructions catered to your specific needs, however, arriving to your appointment with a clean face and clean, dry hair is important to achieve the best results.

+ Are you available to travel outside of San Antonio?

I travel often for work outside of San Antonio and even outside of Texas. All travel fees are custom quoted, please inquire for more information and to discuss your needs.

+ Can we do a hair and makeup trial?

Particularly for once-in-a-lifetime events, a trial is strongly recommended. I offer a reduced rate for trials booked Monday thru Thursday at my downtown studio.

+ What kind of products do you use?

I use professional and luxury-grade cosmetic products, but I am brand-agnostic and use the best tool or product for each individual client. I do not use drug-store products nor knock-offs.

+ What will you do to make my makeup last and look great in photos?

I use high-quality, long-wear products, special setting powders and sprays, and I also provide my clients with a mini touch-up kit.

+ What kind of a look would you suggest for me?

Through a dialogue we can figure out your look together, but I don't typically take full creative control unless doing commercial or editorial work. I want to be sure that you leave my chair loving your look!

+ Do you want to see photos of hair and makeup looks I like? How about photos of my dress, decor, venue or other inspiration?

Yes! Please bring them with you to your appointment rather than sending them to me ahead of time. I don't need them to prepare on my end and inspiration images will get lost in the crowd due to the high volume of clients and messages I see on a daily basis.

+ If I change my mind about the look I want, is there a charge for a re-trial?

While I understand it may feel awkward to give feedback in-person during the trial, I promise that my ego is checked at the door and I want you to be open and honest with me. If there is anything at all you'd like changed, that is why we do a trial, to address it then and there. Setting up another trial will incur an additional fee.

+ Are you familiar with my particular skin or hair type?

I have worked and am comfortable working with every skin tone, hair type and texture, as well as extensions and/or wigs.

+ Will you bring your own products (a blow dryer, curling iron and other necessities), or will I be responsible for supplying them?

I provide everything necessary for the look you have booked me for.

+ How do you accept payment?

Deposits are paid via credit card at the time of booking. The remaining balance is paid at the time of service. For the balance, I prefer cash or check, but also accept all major credit cards.


Call or Text: 210-827-1292